Established 2000 - KINGTONER = Printer Toners, Fusers etc



 Established in 2000 - We mainly supply Toners, Fusers, Maintenance Kits & other Consumables for "older"  Laser Printers, Copiers etc. 

We also carry  various Consumables, including Inkjet Cartridges, DATA Tapes, Office Consumables as well as some really diverse products.!

NO LIMITS..!!   Sign into " KINGTONER " on EBAY  and have a look for yourself..!!



Our prices tend to be among the lowest, especially on the higher rrp items.

We deal with Clearances, Overstocks, Bankrupt Stock etc so bargains can be pass on to our buyers .... You!!!

We Don't carry the latest stocks and models of Toners etc...

 We leave that to the big boys...!!!

Check our  stock list  "KINGTONER" on EBAY for approx 600 different stock items, a vast majority are Genuine OEM as well as a few Compatibles.


Full STOCK LIST ...!!!

Every few weeks we produce a FULL STOCK LIST  of ALL PRODUCTS WE HAVE LISTED ON EBAY at that time, 

currently approx 600 different items,

in EXCEL FORMAT, which is freely available on request.

Contact us by email on:-